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British New Guinea: Sketch plan showing the route traversed by His Excellency Sir Wm. Macgregor... from the Mambre mouth to the village of Gosisi on the Vanapa


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of the Mambare River from Mount Victoria to the sea at Duvira (or Traitors) Bay, British New Guinea. Villages, bases, camps and stores are marked, and there are notes on terrain (‘Low Hills’), vegetation (‘Betal Palms’), river width, rapids etc.

Queensland and British New Guinea


location_onIndonesia, Papua New Guinea

New Guinea is divided between British, German and Dutch colonial powers on this map of New Guinea and Australia. There is a line marking the boundary between the British and German spheres of influence. Bays and islands around the coast are named.

Queensland & British New Guinea


location_onIndonesia, Papua New Guinea

The first two sheets of this eight-sheet map focus on British New Guinea, with German and Dutch colonial areas of New Guinea also shown in part. There is a line marking a proposed change in border between Dutch and British territory.

Map of British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea, Indonesia

Map of British New Guinea, focusing on the sea (islands, shoals, reefs), coast (settlements, bays), mountains and land (‘dense forest’, ‘timbered with Eucalyptus’). Inset maps of Port Moresby, Samarai Island, and the whole island of New Guinea.

Map of part of south-east New Guinea embracing its northern and southern waters


location_onPapua New Guinea

This map focuses on the southern coast including the capital Port Moresby, with the northern regions left mostly blank. There are four inset drawings of side views of mountains (elevations), and the border with German New Guinea is marked.


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