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Eight sheets from a large-scale detailed topographic map of Sumatra (many other sheets are missing). Includes crops (rice, coconut, coffee, banana, sugar, gambier, cinnamon, bamboo, alang-alang, arenga palm), routes (railways, roads), settlements.

Kaart der Molukken


location_onIndonesia, East Timor

Map of the Moluccas (Maluku Islands) divided into the residencies of Ternate (orange borders) and Ambon (green borders). Many place names are in Dutch and Malay, and there is an inset map of the city of Ambon. Timor is marked as Portuguese territory.

Kaart van het eiland Lombok



A map of the island of Lombok divided into administrative districts. Rivers, roads and paths, forests and mountains, anchor points, and crops—rice, coconut, coffee, banana, alang-alang, bamboo, casuarina (Javanese pine)—are marked.

Kaart van de Hoofdplaats Padang



Map of the city of Padang, Sumatra, featuring roads, religious and military buildings, markets, warehouses and factories, and a railway station. Surrounding areas have villages and fields of rice, nutmeg, coconut, bamboo, alang-alang, sugarcane.

Kaart van het gebied bezet in Groot-Atjeh



A large-scale map of Aceh, north Sumatra, spread over four sheets with details such as routes (rivers, roads, railways), crops (rice, banana, pepper, sugarcane, bamboo), land features (mountains, forests, wetlands) and settlements (cities, villages).

Sumatra: Residentie Benkoelen (Bengkoelen)



Map of the residency of Benkoelen (Bengkulu, southwest coast of Sumatra), over 10 sheets, with an inset map of the city of Bengkoelen (Bengkulu). Types of crops—coconut, rice, alang-alang, nipah palm, coffee—are marked. Sheet number 8 is missing.




Map of the city of Padang on the west coast of Sumatra, with inset maps of the nearby islands, featuring residential, business, government and military areas. There are also agricultural areas with coconut, nutmeg, bamboo, nipa palm and sago palm.

Topographische kaart der residentie Besoeki



The residency of Besoeki (Besuki), East Java, featuring crops (rice, alang-alang, bamboo, coconut); fishing ponds; factories, warehouses, businesses; routes, administrative borders; churches, cemeteries, forts, lighthouses; mountains, rivers, lakes.

Algemeene kaart van Nederlandsch Indië


location_onCambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar

A late 19th century map of the Dutch East Indies on four sheets, detailing maritime routes around the region. There are also inset maps showing railways, rivers, roads, and telegraph systems, as well as individual islands and cities.

Plattegrond der stad Soerabaija



A mid-19th century map of the city of Soerabaija (Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia) showing its recently built defences, including the ‘Citadel Prins Hendrik’ fort and a walled moat. Outside the city are villages, plantations and fields.

Map of Prince of Wales' Island or Pulo Penang and province Wellesley



Map of the Penang Strait, including written instructions on how to navigate the strait. On land, areas of cultivation are marked, with a table listing acreage used for each crop. A boundary with Siam based on an 1831 treaty is also shown.

Algemeene Kaart van Nederlandsch Oostindie


location_onEast Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

This detailed map of the Dutch East Indies in the mid-19th century is spread over eight sheets, plus a cover sheet showing the whole area. There are numerous inset maps of islands, bays, cities etc.