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The coast of India from Pulo Timon to Pulo Cambir comprehending the Malayan coast, the Gulf of Siam, the coasts of Tsiampa and Cochinchina, with the adjacent islands and part of the isle of Borneo


location_onThailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam

Nautical charts like this are detailed around the coasts and on the seas (e.g. river mouths, islands, shoals and reefs) while the interiors are blank. The web of lines is a rhumbline network, while the numbers indicate sea depth (bathymetry).

The coast of India and China from the point and river of Camboja to Canton: comprehending the coasts of Tsiompa and Cochinchina, with the coast of Tonkin and the coast of Koan-Ton, with the isle of Hai-nan


location_onCambodia, Vietnam

Navigation chart of the east coast of mainland Southeast Asia, from Cambodia to China. Islands, shoals and reefs are marked, along with bathymetry (sea depth). There are seven side views of islands (elevations) to use as landmarks.