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Plan de la ville et forteresse de Malaca: pour servir à l'histoire generale des voyages



This mid-18th century plan of the city of Malaca (Malacca/Melaka) focuses on the military fort (‘A Famosa [The Famous]’), but also includes two churches, a mosque and a Chinese temple. Two markets are also marked, as is the entrance to the port.

Iles de Banda



Map of the Banda Islands—which was at this time the only source of nutmeg in the world—featuring mountains, plantations, settlements and a military fort. On the island of Gunnanapi (Banda Api) a volcano erupts (‘api’ means ‘fire’ in Indonesian).

Plan d'Amboine, tel qu'il étoit en 1718 = Platte-grond van Amboina, zoo als het was in den jaare 1718



This colourful mid-18th century plan of the city of Amboine (Ambon, capital of Ambon Island, in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia) has a detailed legend identifying locations within the city and the surrounding mountains. The text is in French and Dutch.


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