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Isle de Baly = 'T eiland Baly



Amongst the mountains and jungles of mid-18th century Bali, this map shows three royal palaces, walled encampments, and seven Buddhist temples (or ‘stupa’) on the east coast. Inset illustrations depict a palace and a temple in detail.

Carte de l'Inde au-delà du Gange comprenant les Royaumes de Siam, de Tunquin, Pegu, Ava, Aracan &c.


location_onCambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

The kingdoms of mid-18th century mainland Southeast Asia are shown on this map: Ava and Pegu (Myanmar), Siam (Thailand), Tonquin and Cochinchine (Vietnam), Camboie (Cambodia) and Laos. Rivers are also prominent, and mountains are shown pictorially.

Plan d'Amboine, tel qu'il étoit en 1718 = Platte-grond van Amboina, zoo als het was in den jaare 1718



This colourful mid-18th century plan of the city of Amboine (Ambon, capital of Ambon Island, in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia) has a detailed legend identifying locations within the city and the surrounding mountains. The text is in French and Dutch.


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