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Map of Asia: Printed for the New York Central's 'Four-Track Series'


location_onMalaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Southeast Asia

Colonial territory is labelled and colour-coded on this map of Southeast Asia. A list on the left edge gives the colonial status, size and population of Asian countries, and ranks the main cities by population. Gold and iron mines are marked.



location_onMalaysia, Southeast Asia, Philippines, East Timor, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia

Map of Borneo—with insets of Southeast Asia, Sarawak and Labuan—featuring temperature data, volcanoes, English colonial territory, products of Borneo, geology (rock types), bathymetry (sea depth) and elevations (side views of mountains with heights).

Map of the Eastern Frontier of British India, with the adjacent countries


location_onMyanmar, Thailand

Regional and local borders are colour-coded, with mountains and rivers, settlements, paths/roads and names of local peoples marked. Notes such as ‘Gold dust found in these streams’ and ‘Rich in Tin’ add detail. Only two of four sheets are available.


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