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Carte des environs de Batavia = Kaart van de buitenstreeken van Batavia



This late 18th century map of Batavia (Jakarta) focusses on the network of canals and rivers surrounding the city, as well as the many fields and plantations, including rice fields (‘Champ de Ris’) and sugarcane (‘Cannes de Sucre’).

Nieuwe afteekeningh van de Noord Küst van Java vertoonende de reede van Batavia en Bantem



A map of the northern coast of Java and the important port cities of Batavia (Jakarta) and Bantem (Banten). The web of lines is a rhumbline network, and shoals, reefs and bathymetry (sea depth) are marked, all to aid navigation.

A map of the East-Indies and the adjacent countries: with the settlements, factories and territories, explaning what belongs to England, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Portugal &c.


location_onBrunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Singapore

This map showcases the colonial territories of Southeast Asia in the 18th century, with text detailing trading information and the products of each region. There are five inset maps featuring plans of specific trading ports.