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Sketch map shewing the rivers and an outline of the coast... Gulf of Papua, British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of part of the west coast of the Gulf of Papua, with islands, river mouths, shoals, bathymetry (water depth), notes to aid navigation. On land, notes on terrain (‘Limestone Hill’), vegetation (‘Pandanus & Nipa Palms’) and people (‘Paia Tribe’).

Rough sketch plan of St. Joseph District, British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of part of British New Guinea with notes on terrain (‘Swamp’), vegetation (‘Grass & wood patches with old gardens’) and people (‘Oru tribe’), and three elevation views of mountain ranges. Some villages are marked as having ‘resident teachers’.

Map of part of south-east New Guinea embracing its northern and southern waters


location_onPapua New Guinea

This map focuses on the southern coast including the capital Port Moresby, with the northern regions left mostly blank. There are four inset drawings of side views of mountains (elevations), and the border with German New Guinea is marked.


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