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Kaiser Wilhelms-Land: Das Hinterland der Astrolabe-Bucht bis zum Ramu-Fluss


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of part of the north coast of Kaiser-Wilhelmsland (German New Guinea) spread over two sheets. It focuses on rivers, noting width, depth, temperature, currents, vegetation etc.; and on mountains, showing heights and side views (elevations).

Schutzgebiet der Neu-Guinea-Kompanie


location_onIndonesia, Papua New Guinea

Very detailed six-sheet map of eastern New Guinea, with numerous inset maps of bays and islands, and other inset maps covering ethnography, explorers of the region, marine routes across the Pacific Ocean, cannibalism, missionaries activity etc.

Das eyland Baly oder klein Java



Amongst the mountains and jungles of mid-18th century Bali, this map shows three royal palaces, walled encampments, towns, and seven Buddhist temples (or ‘stupa’) on the east coast. Inset illustrations depict a palace and a temple in detail.


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