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Military map of the Isle of Luzon



A map of Luzon, Philippines divided into military and civilian regions. Made for the American military, it features roads, railways, telegraph lines, mountains and rivers. An inset map of Manila shows military, civil and religious buildings.

Military district no. 1: Department of northern Luzon



A map of the northwest coastal region of Luzon, Philippines made for the American military during the Philippine–American War (1899–1902). The area is divided into provinces, and major roads, settlements, mountains and rivers are marked.

Map of the Kingdom of Siam and its dependencies


location_onMyanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

The border of the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) and its internal administrative districts are highlighted in yellow. Inset maps show the cities of Bangkok, Chiengmai (Chiang Mai) and Luang Pra Bang (Luang Prabang) in more detail.

Map of Singapore and surrounding country


location_onMalaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Map of Singapore Island, including the surrounding islands and straits, and southern Johor. Lighthouses are marked in red and yellow, including Horsburgh Lighthouse on Pedra Branca, Raffles Lighthouse and Fort Canning Lighthouse.

A map of British North Borneo


location_onMalaysia, Brunei, Indonesia

The colonial territories of British North Borneo are shown in pink on this late 19th century map, with Brunei and Sarawak in green, and Dutch colonial territory in yellow. Sea routes around the British Empire are depicted on an inset map.

Upper Burma


location_onMyanmar, Thailand

Map of Upper Burma, showing the borders with Assam (India), China and Siam (Thailand), as well as internal administrative borders. Mountains with their heights, settlements, rivers and railways (completed, proposed and under construction) are shown.

Military map of the Isle of Luzon



A map of southern Luzon, Philippines divided into military and civilian regions. Made for the American military just before the Philippine–American War (1899–1902), it features settlements, roads, railways, telegraph stations, mountains and rivers.

Map of the Island of Singapore and its dependencies



Map of Singapore Island, divided into Districts, including the surrounding islands and straits. The city centre, roads and forests are marked. MacRitchie Reservoir is at the centre of the island, with coconut plantations along the east coast.

A map of the Malay Peninsula


location_onMalaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Map of the Malay Peninsula showcasing the Straits Settlements in pink, the Federated Malay States in red, and Siamese states in yellow. A table of common words in English, Malay and Siamese is included. Only four of six sheets are available.

Burma with parts of India, China and Siam


location_onMyanmar, Laos, Thailand

Map of Burma used as advertising by a clothing shop in Rangoon (Yangon, Myanmar). There is a calendar with each day marked with an historic event. The map is labelled with indigenous peoples (uppercase red text) and products of each area.



location_onIndonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand

British Burma is coloured pink on this six-sheet map of India. Mountains are represented by hachures—short lines/dashes that give a sense of the shape and steepness of terrain—and settlements, railways, roads, rivers and lighthouses are marked.

A Map of the Malay Peninsula


location_onIndonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

On this late 19th century map of the Malay Peninsula, the British colonial territories—the Straits Settlements of Singapore, Malacca, Dinding and Penang—are in red, demarcating them from the British protectorate states of the rest of the peninsula.


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