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Plan of Singapore town



Large-scale plan of Singapore city, spread over eight sheets. Includes the central civic/business area around the Singapore River, Tanjong Pagar dock, and residential areas. The city is surrounded by suburbs, cemeteries, mangroves, vegetable gardens.

Plan of the town of Singapore



Known as the ‘Jackson Plan’, this is the earliest known plan of the city of Singapore, created by Lieutenant Philip Jackson in 1822. It was based on how Sir Stamford Raffles wanted Singapore to be developed, rather than the actual layout of the time.

The landing of the British Army at Chillinching on the island of Java 4th Augt. 1811



A map of the landing of British troops at Chillinching (Cilincing, 12 miles to the east of Batavia), part of the 1811 invasion of Java during the Napoleonic Wars. The frigate Leda is at the river mouth, as the British soldiers row to shore.




A plan of Batavia in the early 19th century, with the castle, church, dock yard, timber yard and hospital highlighted on the map’s legend. Also shown is the canal flowing through the city to the port, where the sea depth (‘soundings’) is indicated.

A plan of the city and castle of Batavia



A mid-18th century plan of Batavia (Jakarta), the main port of the Dutch East India Company's trading network in Southeast Asia. Ships can be seen transporting goods along ‘The Great River’ to the sea, overseen by Batavia Castle at the river’s mouth.


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