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Parts of Burma, Siam and the Shan States


location_onMyanmar, Thailand

This map charts the journey of Holt S. Hallett as he searched for a suitable route for a railway to transport British goods from Burma to Thailand and China. He wrote the book ‘A Thousand Miles on an Elephant in the Shan States’ about his expedition.

Map of Siam and some of its tributary provinces


location_onCambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

A map of Siam (Thailand) and parts of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Laos, focusing on the river networks, and the mountain ranges which are represented by hachures: short lines/dashes that give a sense of the shape and steepness of terrain.

Map of the River of Don-nai from Cape St. James to the city of Saigon



A map to aid in the navigation of the rivers leading to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). Details include bathymetry (water depth), currents, and a side view (or ‘elevation’) of hills to use as a landmark. Tides are described in written remarks.


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