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Eastern Bengal, Burmah and parts of China and Siam


location_onMyanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam

The routes of nine expeditions (1830 to 1869) are marked on this map. There are also short notes about trading (e.g. at Oonoung in Burmah: ‘A bazaar, with a great variety of European goods’), and a list of other maps referenced in producing the map.

Eastern British frontier bordering on Burmah and Munneepoor



This map shows the border between the British Empire (modern Bangladesh) and Burmah (Myanmar). Although the Burmah part of the map is mostly blank, there is a reference to ‘Shendoos’ (now known as the Lai people).

Map of Prince of Wales' Island or Pulo Penang and province Wellesley



Map of the Penang Strait, including written instructions on how to navigate the strait. On land, areas of cultivation are marked, with a table listing acreage used for each crop. A boundary with Siam based on an 1831 treaty is also shown.


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