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Queensland & British New Guinea


location_onIndonesia, Papua New Guinea

The first two sheets of this eight-sheet map focus on British New Guinea, with German and Dutch colonial areas of New Guinea also shown in part. There is a line marking a proposed change in border between Dutch and British territory.

Sketch map shewing the rivers and an outline of the coast... Gulf of Papua, British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of part of the east coast of the Gulf of Papua, with river mouths, shoals, bathymetry (water depth). On land, notes on terrain (‘Hills 100 to 150 ft. high’), land (‘Good soil’), vegetation (‘Nipa and Sago Palms’) and people (‘Ipikoi Tribe’).

Sketch map of the head of Collingwood Bay


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of Collingwood Bay, north coast of New Guinea, with bearings to mountains, bathymetry (sea depth), shoals and reefs. On land, notes on terrain (‘sloping plains’, ‘Stiff clay soil’), vegetation (‘Casuarina trees’) and people (‘FRIENDLY TRIBE’).

Map of British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea, Indonesia

Map of British New Guinea, focusing on the sea (islands, shoals, reefs), coast (settlements, bays), mountains and land (‘dense forest’, ‘timbered with Eucalyptus’). Inset maps of Port Moresby, Samarai Island, and the whole island of New Guinea.

Map of part of Moratau (Fergusson Island) and Duau (Normanby Island): British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of parts of Fergusson and Normanby islands (east coast of New Guinea). Bathymetry (sea depth), reefs and shoals are marked, along with landmarks (mountains, villages, trees). Territories of two indigenous tribes—the Subia and Manayaya—are shown.

Rough Sketch of 200 miles of the western portion of British New Guinea, including rivers


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of British New Guinea with notes on the terrain (‘Low country’), vegetation (‘Mangrove, Nipa and Fan Palms’), crops (‘Small plantations Sugar cane & Taro’), coastal features (‘Coral and Sand flats) and people (‘Friendly tribe’, ‘Dariamo Tribe’).


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