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East India Archipelago, western route to China. Chart no. 6



Two maritime routes—for use during the North-east and ‘fair’ monsoons—are shown on this late 19th century navigation map. The routes lead north through Southeast Asia, passing the Philippines, and ending in Hong Kong. Bathymetry (sea depth) is shown.

Western part of the Java Sea : from Lucipara I. to Sunda Strait and Batavia



Designed to aid navigation around the western Java Sea, this map features bathymetry (sea depth), current and tide data, and is marked with shoals, reefs and other hazards. Written notes add details at specific locations (e.g. ‘heavy tide rips’).

Map of the River of Don-nai from Cape St. James to the city of Saigon



A map to aid in the navigation of the rivers leading to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). Details include bathymetry (water depth), currents, and a side view (or ‘elevation’) of hills to use as a landmark. Tides are described in written remarks.


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