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Carta general (en dos hojas) del Archipiélago Filipino



A Spanish military map of the northern Philippine island of Luzon, highlighting cable and telegraph lines, and aids to maritime navigation such as bathymetry (sea depth) and tide data. A conversion table for metres, fathoms and feet is also shown.

Islas Filipinas. Segunda hoja central



Produced in Spain, this mid-19th century map details the islands of Visayas, Mindanao and Palawan in the Philippines archipelago. Bathymetry (sea depth) is marked around the islands and on four detailed inset maps of ports in the region.

[Manuscript map of Manila Harbor and Bay Lake]



This early 19th century hand-drawn map of Manila Bay has detailed instructions in Spanish on how to enter the bay, and the port at Cavite. Bathymetry (water depth), the mouths of rivers, and landmark mountains are shown to aid navigation.

Deese wassende pas-kaart van Oost-Indien, is nu te bekoomen voor die deselve begeeren


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Map of the Indian Ocean dominated by a rhumbline network—a web of interconnected lines used to help plot routes—with a compass rose at the centre. At the top there are (incomplete) drawings of people with text in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.