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Kaiser Wilhelms-Land: Das Hinterland der Astrolabe-Bucht bis zum Ramu-Fluss


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of part of the north coast of Kaiser-Wilhelmsland (German New Guinea) spread over two sheets. It focuses on rivers, noting width, depth, temperature, currents, vegetation etc.; and on mountains, showing heights and side views (elevations).

Sketch map shewing the rivers and an outline of the coast... Gulf of Papua, British New Guinea


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of part of the east coast of the Gulf of Papua, with river mouths, shoals, bathymetry (water depth). On land, notes on terrain (‘Hills 100 to 150 ft. high’), land (‘Good soil’), vegetation (‘Nipa and Sago Palms’) and people (‘Ipikoi Tribe’).

Sumatra Oostkust: Monden der Koealoe en Panei rivieren



Navigation map of the mouths of the Koealoe (Kualu) and Panei (Barumun and Bila) rivers on the east coast of Sumatra. Large sand and mud banks, bathymetry (sea depth), bouys and currents are marked. On land, tall trees are shown to use as landmarks.

Map of China, Tonquin and Cochin-China, with a chart extending from China to western Europe


location_onCambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam

Two maps, one of which features mainland Southeast Asia: Anam (Tonquin and Cochin China) in red, Lower Cochin China in green, Cambodia in yellow, and Siam in white. An inset map shows maritime routes between Europe and Asia.

Schetskaart van de reede van Atjeh



A map of the coast of Atjeh (Aceh), Sumatra, with bathymetry (sea depth), tide information, coconut trees, nipa palm, sugarcane, and two forts. An inset map of the town of Atjeh (Banda Aceh) shows the river, palace, market and villages (‘kampong’).

Map of the River of Don-nai from Cape St. James to the city of Saigon



A map to aid in the navigation of the rivers leading to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). Details include bathymetry (water depth), currents, and a side view (or ‘elevation’) of hills to use as a landmark. Tides are described in written remarks.