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[Batavia en omgeving]



Four sheets from a larger series of maps, showing the city of Batavia (Jakarta, Java). The port, railway network and city centre are shown in great detail. To the west and south of the centre, there are villages, rice paddies, fields and wetlands.

Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indië



Very detailed atlas of the entire Dutch East Indies, over 16 map sheets, with a cover and overview map. Includes topographic maps, inset maps of cities and islands, and maps featuring land and sea routes, languages, geology, colonial territory etc.

Koninginne baai met Emma haven



Map of Koninginne Baai (Bayur Bay, west coast of Sumatra) used to navigate Emma Haven (now Port of Teluk Bayur). It features bathymetry (sea depth), reefs and shoals, as well as lighthouses, buoys and two elevations (side views) of coastal mountains.

Emplacement Belawan 1888 / Emplacement Belawan 1890: Zuidelijke Uitbreiding



Two plans of an emplacement (railway yard) at Belawan Port in Medan, North Sumatra, showing it in 1888 and again in 1890 after it had been extended with new railway track, buildings and docks.

Bataviasche havenwerken



A map of the rail, canal and road connections of Batavia (Jakarta, Java) and its port of Tanjung Priok. There is an inset map of the port—harbours, dock, coal sheds, well and water tower—and cross-sections of the inner harbour walls and harbour dam.


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