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[Schetskaarten van versterkingen, loopgraven, stellingen, bentengs e.d. uit de Atjeh oorlog]



Multiple maps from the Aceh War, spread over 12 sheets. Includes maps of fortifications, trenches, battle formations; building plans, including the Aceh Sultan’s palace; topographic maps; and drawings of a ‘kotta mara’ (fortified raft).

Isle de Baly = 'T eiland Baly



Amongst the mountains and jungles of mid-18th century Bali, this map shows three royal palaces, walled encampments, and seven Buddhist temples (or ‘stupa’) on the east coast. Inset illustrations depict a palace and a temple in detail.

Ware affbeeldinge wegens het casteel ende stadt Batavia gelegen opt groot eylant Java anno 1669



A plan of the important port of Batavia (Jakarta), with the fort, river, city streets and fields. Decorative illustrations include ships in the harbour, a view of the city and mountains, and the city’s coat of arms: a lion holding a sword and shield.


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