International Workshop 2020

In 2020 Singapore hosted a virtual international workshop on historical maps. Hear what the experts have to say about the scholarly and public value of historical maps today.


What are the fields of production, reproduction and use in which historical maps circulate?

Historians of cartography reflect on the production, reproduction and circulations of maps, past and present, with specific reference to the mapping of Southeast Asia.



How do scholars use historical maps in the crafting of their spatial histories?

Historians reflect on their use of historical maps in the crafting of spatial histories of South and Southeast Asia.



What map collections are relevant to historical research about Southeast Asia?

Institutions holding significant map collections relevant to the history of Southeast Asia, reflect on their collections.



How can historical maps be made more accessible to interested publics?

Scholars and curators reflect on the ways in which map archives can be opened to the public through exhibitions and on-line platforms.



What technical tools can be used to unlock the research value of historical maps?

Hear from leading IT experts on how they are using AI to unlock the meaning and content of historical maps.