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Plan of Pulo Condor



There is a port at the south of this map of the Côn Đảo archipelago (Vietnam), and notes giving details such as a suitable location to careen ships (turning a ship on its side for cleaning or repair). A ruined English fort is also marked.

A new plan of the Straits, situated to the east of Java & Madura commonly called the Straits of Bali and of Pondi and Respondi



A late 18th century navigation map of the waters between the islands of Java, Madura and Bali. The web of lines is a rhumbline network, the numbers indicate sea depth (bathymetry), and there is an inset map of the Bay of Ballambouang, Java.

A new chart of the Oriental Seas and Islands... from the Isle of Ceylon to Amoye in China


location_onBrunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Vietnam

A late 18th century maritime map of Southeast Asia, marked with expedition routes including the return of Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour from Australia in 1770, and Captain Philip Carteret’s circumnavigation expedition in 1768.

Chart of the China Sea


location_onBrunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam

This map features eight expedition routes across the South China Sea from 1752 to 1763. The web of lines is a rhumbline network, and bathymetry (sea depth) is marked. The place names are in French, but with an English title and notes.