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Map to illustrate Mr. W.R.D. Beckett's route, Novr. 1891-April 1892


location_onVietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

The route of W.R.D. Beckett between Bangkok and Saigon, partly along the Mekong River, is marked on this map, along with trade routes, police posts, mines (copper, iron, gold), and products (the spice cardamom, and resin benzoin (‘Gumbenjamin’)).

Rough sketch map (not to scale) to illustrate the navigation of the cataracts of Li Pi or Khawn


location_onLaos, Cambodia

A map of the Li Phi Falls/Tat Somphamit Waterfalls in Laos, on the border with Cambodia, marked with routes taken by boats at different times of the year. One of a number of maps of mainland Southeast Asia by W.R.D. Beckett.

Sketch of route from Sisophon to Korat / Sketch of route from Korat to Nongkhai


location_onCambodia, Thailand

Routes of W.R.D. Beckett between Sisophon (Cambodia) and Korat, and Korat and Nongkhai (both Thailand) are marked on these two maps, with lacquer trees, paddy fields, bog iron, salt fields shown. The heights of locations along the route are recorded.