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Map of the Kingdom of Siam and its dependencies


location_onCambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

Map of the Kingdom of Siam, featuring mountains, rivers and villages, and surrounded by a yellow border (the border with Upper Burma and China in the north is undefined). The southern part of Siam is shown on an inset map of the Malay Peninsula.

Map of South Eastern part of New Guinea: to illustrate the explorations of Rev. J. Chalmers, L.M.S.


location_onPapua New Guinea

Map of the southeast coast of British New Guinea, divided into administrative regions, with the northern regions left mostly blank. Based on the explorations of the Scottish missionary James Chalmers.

The Island of Ceylon / Burmah, Siam and Anam


location_onMyanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia

This map of mainland Southeast Asia has colour-coded borders: Burmah (Myanmar) in red, Siam (Thailand) in brown, and Anam (Vietnam) in green. The British territory of Penang is also bordered in red. Independent areas are bordered in grey.


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