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Map of Asia: Printed for the New York Central's 'Four-Track Series'


location_onMalaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Southeast Asia

Colonial territory is labelled and colour-coded on this map of Southeast Asia. A list on the left edge gives the colonial status, size and population of Asian countries, and ranks the main cities by population. Gold and iron mines are marked.

Sketch map of China and adjoining regions: showing the density of population, mineral resources, chief products, principal trade routes, existing and projected railways, and inland navigation


location_onMyanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

This map of China features a small part of northeastern Southeast Asia. Population density is shown, along with rivers, trade routes, tidal river navigation limits, railways (existing and suggested), and two coal mines in Tong-King (Vietnam).

Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indië



Very detailed atlas of the entire Dutch East Indies, over 16 map sheets, with a cover and overview map. Includes topographic maps, inset maps of cities and islands, and maps featuring land and sea routes, languages, geology, colonial territory etc.

Kaart van den Nederlandsch Oost Indischen archipel aantoonende de door de Inlandsche bevolking beleden godsdiensten



A map of the religions of the local peoples of the Dutch East Indies, with areas marked as Christian, Muslim, ‘heathen’. With population figures, including for Protestants and Catholics, and locations of missionaries and other religious teachers.

Kaart van de dichtheid van bevolking van Java en Madoera



This map shows the population density of Java and Madura in 1892. The area is divided into regencies, which are then subdivided into districts, with the districts shaded to represent its population. Each district is also listed under its regency.

New Sketch Map of the Protected Malay State of Perak



Map of the state of Perak (Malay Peninsula) with a table of statistics: area, population, road/railway/river lengths, revenue, tin exports. Gold and tin mines are marked, and the Straits Settlements are highlighted in red.

New sketch map of the protected Malay State of Perak



Map of state of Perak (Malay Peninsula) with a table of statistics: area, population, road/railway/river lengths, revenue, tin exports. Straits Settlements highlighted red. Someone has added handwritten travel times/distances by steamer/road/train.

De regenval op Java / Dichtheid en samenstelling der bevolking op Java / Cultuurgewassen op Java / Veestapel op Java



Four maps recording the rainfall, population and ethnicity, crops, and livestock of Java in the late 19th century.

Ontwerp drinkwaterleiding voor de stad Cheribon



Hand-drawn map of the design of a drinking water pipeline for the city of Cheribon (Cirebon) on the northern coast of Java. Roads, rivers, rice paddies and other fields are shown. The written notes include the city’s population figures by ethnicity.

Asiatic archipelago


location_onVietnam, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, East Timor, Cambodia, Brunei

This late 19th century map of Southeast Asia shows the best maritime routes around the region, according to the time of year. There are also inset maps highlighting the rivers and southern islands of Singapore, and the sea depth around Labuan Island.

Topographische kaart der residentie Kadoe



The residency of Kadoe (Kadu), Central Java, is shown divided into regencies and districts, with population figures for each district. Villages (kampongs) and towns, fields, mountains, rivers and roads are marked. There is an inset triangulation map.

Extension of the Electric Telegraph to Canton, Hong Kong, etc. from the Port of Rangoon


location_onMyanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Map of a proposed extension of a telegraph system from Rangoon (Yangon, Myanmar) to China. Includes current and projected railways, steam ship routes, and population figures for western China. From the British magazine ‘The Illustrated London News’.