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Island of Luzon



This map of part of the Philippine island of Luzon was compiled during the Philippine–American War (1899–1902), and is marked with routes (paths, wagon roads), land types (grass, woods, swamp) and crops (rice, coconuts, nipa palm, cane sugar, corn).

Copy of map furnished to commanding officers, 2nd Brig., 2nd Div., 8th Army Corps, on August 12, 1898



Created by the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War, this reconnaissance map of a small area south of Manila features Spanish (red) and American (blue) trenches, as well as roads, buildings and ground conditions (firm ground, swamps, bamboo).

Map of the Island of Singapore and its dependencies



Map of Singapore Island, divided into Districts, including the surrounding islands and straits. The city centre, roads and forests are marked. MacRitchie Reservoir is at the centre of the island, with coconut plantations along the east coast.

Plan of the town and suburbs of Rangoon



Detailed plan of the city of Rangoon (Yangon, Myanmar) with commercial, religious, government and military buildings, surrounded by lakes, fields of crops and villages. Someone has drawn details on the map of areas that have undergone ‘levelling’.

City of Mandalay and environs



Map of the Burmese city of Mandalay on the Irrawaddy River. The city has a grid of roads and buildings, dominated by Fort Dufferin (formerly Mandalay Palace). The surrounding country has villages, crops, agricultural ponds and irrigation channels.

Plan of Singapore town



Large-scale plan of Singapore city, spread over eight sheets. Includes the central civic/business area around the Singapore River, Tanjong Pagar dock, and residential areas. The city is surrounded by suburbs, cemeteries, mangroves, vegetable gardens.

Map of Singapore showing the principal residences and places of interest



Map of the city of Singapore, including the central civic/business area around the Singapore River, Fort Canning, Tanjong Pagar dock, and residential areas. The city is surrounded by villages and plantations (pineapple, fruit and vegetable, coconut).

Sketch of Hué



Map of the city of Hué (Huế) on the Perfume River, east coast of Vietnam. There are forts, villages and rice fields along the river. In the city, there is the royal palace within walls and a moat, French military barracks and other colonial areas.

Map of the Malacca territory



A late 19th century map of the town of Malacca and its surrounding area, including jungles, forests, mountains, rivers, roads, villages, tapioca estates and factories, and police stations. There is even a leper hospital on an island off the coast.

Singapore harbours and roads with the adjacent channels



An early 19th century map of Singapore’s southern coast and islands, with bathymetry (sea depth), shoals and reefs, anchor points, and notes to aid navigation. The roads and main buildings of Singapore city are also shown.

The landing of the British Army at Chillinching on the island of Java 4th Augt. 1811



A map of the landing of British troops at Chillinching (Cilincing, 12 miles to the east of Batavia), part of the 1811 invasion of Java during the Napoleonic Wars. The frigate Leda is at the river mouth, as the British soldiers row to shore.

Plan of the city of Batavia



A plan of Batavia (Jakarta), the main port of the Dutch East India Company's trading network in Southeast Asia. ‘The Great River’ flows through the city to the pier, overseen by Batavia Castle at the river’s mouth. Fields surround the city walls.