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A plan of the port city of Batavia in the 18th century. Small ships can be seen transporting goods along the river to the pier, and the street plan also includes churches, shopping areas and hospitals, as noted on the map’s detailed legend.

Batavia assiegé en 1629 = Batavia A.o 1629 belegerd



This unusual map of Batavia in the late 18th century shows the port city as seen when approaching from the sea. The castle is depicted prominently as a three-dimensional drawing, with the rest of the city behind more flat like a plan.

Der Hollaendisch-Ostindianischen Compagnie weltberühmte Haupt-Handels und Niederlags: Stadt Batavia



The legend and written notes on this plan of Batavia (Jakarta) provide much detailed information about the important port city in the early 18th century. It is also beautifully decorated with paintings of the city, local people, animals and ships.

A plan of the city and castle of Batavia



A mid-18th century plan of Batavia (Jakarta), the main port of the Dutch East India Company's trading network in Southeast Asia. Ships can be seen transporting goods along ‘The Great River’ to the sea, overseen by Batavia Castle at the river’s mouth.

Plan d'Amboine, tel qu'il étoit en 1718 = Platte-grond van Amboina, zoo als het was in den jaare 1718



This colourful mid-18th century plan of the city of Amboine (Ambon, capital of Ambon Island, in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia) has a detailed legend identifying locations within the city and the surrounding mountains. The text is in French and Dutch.

La ville de Materan, capitale du roiaume de même nom, avec ses environs: le tout environné de montagnes qui lui serve de murailles



This map of the city of Mataram, on the Indonesian island of Lombok, shows the city surrounded by detailed illustrations of mountains which, the map’s subtitle notes, ‘serve de murailles’ [serve as its walls].

Ins: Macjan, Ins: Bactjan



These pages are probably from ‘Newe Welt und Americanische Historien’ by Johann Gottfried. There are maps of Pulau Makian (‘Ins. Macjan’) and Pulau Bacan (Ins. Bacjan) in the Maluku Islands, and a plan of a fort on Makian.


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