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Sketch map shewing progress of railway construction in the Federated Malay States



Various stages of railway construction are shown on this map of the west coast of the Malay Peninsula, from stretches being surveyed to completed line. Costs are given for the construction.

Queensland & British New Guinea


location_onIndonesia, Papua New Guinea

The first two sheets of this eight-sheet map focus on British New Guinea, with German and Dutch colonial areas of New Guinea also shown in part. There is a line marking a proposed change in border between Dutch and British territory.

Map to illustrate Mr. W.R.D. Beckett's route, Novr. 1891-April 1892


location_onVietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

The route of W.R.D. Beckett between Bangkok and Saigon, partly along the Mekong River, is marked on this map, along with trade routes, police posts, mines (copper, iron, gold), and products (the spice cardamom, and resin benzoin (‘Gumbenjamin’)).

Facsimile of map given to the French Ambassador 29th Aug. 1889 as indicating the Approximate Boundaries of Siam to the North West & North such as they have hitherto been considered


location_onCambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

The border between Siam (Thailand) and Tenasserin (Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar) is highlighted on this map, while the more northerly border between Siam and Burma (Myanmar) is marked as being ‘approximate’.

Boundaries of Tongkin or Tongkia


location_onLaos, Vietnam

This late 19th century map shows the disputed border region between Siam (Thailand, Laos) and Tongkin (Vietnam), with the border claimed by Siam highlighted in yellow. Provinces along the border are labelled with the names of their local tribes.

Map of Johore Territory 1893


location_onMalaysia, Singapore

Map of the Malay state of Johor, and Singapore. The route of a proposed railway north from Johor Bahru is shown. Apart from rivers and mountains, much of the terrain is blank, with labels such as ‘Unexplored Hill Country’ or ‘Dense Jungle and Swamp’.

Town of Singapore



Plan of Singapore town, including Tanjong Pagar docks, the central civic/business area around the Singapore River, and residential areas. A roadstead—a body of water sheltered from tides/currents, for ships to anchor—is labelled ‘The Roads’.

Map to show lines of advance on Manipur



Map of three routes taken by British troops through the mountains to the Indian city of Manipur (Imphal) during the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891. The map includes part of Burma to the east.

A sketch map of the East Indian possessions of the Netherlands


location_onBrunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore

Produced by the Intelligence Branch of the British War Office, this map shows Dutch colonial territories in maritime Southeast Asia, and their political and military divisions in Java and Madura. British and Spanish territories are also marked.


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