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Copie no. 2: Plan van den stadt en het casteel van Batavia met een gedeeltevan deszelfs voorsteeden en verdere buijtenplaatse ao 1762



A hand-drawn and coloured plan of the important port city of Batavia (Jakarta), with a detailed legend identifying parts of the city, castle and suburbs. Handwritten notes around the border give the names of roads. Copied from a 1764 map.

Kaart der hoofdplaats Batavia omstreeks het jaar 1740



A mid-18th century map of the important port of Batavia (Jakarta), with military forts, a pier, hospitals, churches, and residential streets. However, the city is also surrounded by fields and plantations, for producing crops and grazing animals.

De stad Batavia met derzelver omstreken: Geteekend in 1826



The city of Batavia (Jakarta) with its port and castle is to the north (right side of the map). Koningsplein (Merdeka Square), a large area of rice paddies, graveyards and villages can be seen to the south (left). Copied from a c.1826 map.

Plattegrond van de stad en casteel Batavia, met de daarnaast gelegene situatie



Plan of the port city of Batavia (Jakarta) with the pier (and North) at the bottom. There is a legend, and an illustrated cartouche featuring a female figure holding an oar and a shield decorated with the ‘VOC’ logo of the Dutch East India Company.

[Batavia en omgeving]



Four sheets from a larger series of maps, showing the city of Batavia (Jakarta, Java). The port, railway network and city centre are shown in great detail. To the west and south of the centre, there are villages, rice paddies, fields and wetlands.

Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indië



Very detailed atlas of the entire Dutch East Indies, over 16 map sheets, with a cover and overview map. Includes topographic maps, inset maps of cities and islands, and maps featuring land and sea routes, languages, geology, colonial territory etc.

Plan of the town and suburbs of Rangoon



Detailed plan of the city of Rangoon (Yangon, Myanmar) with commercial, religious, government and military buildings, surrounded by lakes, fields of crops and villages. Someone has drawn details on the map of areas that have undergone ‘levelling’.

Plan of Singapore town



Large-scale plan of Singapore city, spread over eight sheets. Includes the central civic/business area around the Singapore River, Tanjong Pagar dock, and residential areas. The city is surrounded by suburbs, cemeteries, mangroves, vegetable gardens.




This detailed late 19th century map shows Java divided into regencies, and features mountains, roads, railways, and rivers. There is also an inset map of the port city of Batavia (Jakarta).

Plattegrond der stad Batavia



A mid-19th century map of the important port of Batavia (Jakarta), with its pier, commercial centre and residential streets. However, the city is also surrounded by villages (kampongs), fields and plantations. An inset map shows Batavia Castle.

Kaart van Batavia omstreeks honderdvÿfentwintigjaren geleden overgebragt in het jaar 1864



Although published in the mid-19th century, this map is based on Batavia (Jakarta) in c.1740. It focuses on the city’s castle and streets (in red), but also shows the fields of crops and the wetlands surrounding the city (in blue).

Algemeene Kaart van Nederlandsch Oostindie


location_onEast Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

This detailed map of the Dutch East Indies in the mid-19th century is spread over eight sheets, plus a cover sheet showing the whole area. There are numerous inset maps of islands, bays, cities etc.