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Kaart der residentie Zuider- en Ooster-afdeeling van Borneo



On this map, the residency of South and East Borneo is divided into departments (green borders) and provinces (yellow borders). There is an inset plan of the city of Banjarmasin, with rivers, buildings, residential areas, roads and crops marked.

Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indië



Very detailed atlas of the entire Dutch East Indies, over 16 map sheets, with a cover and overview map. Includes topographic maps, inset maps of cities and islands, and maps featuring land and sea routes, languages, geology, colonial territory etc.




Map of the city of Padang on the west coast of Sumatra, with inset maps of the nearby islands, featuring residential, business, government and military areas. There are also agricultural areas with coconut, nutmeg, bamboo, nipa palm and sago palm.

Kaart van Sumatra


location_onIndonesia, Malaysia

A map of the administrative divisions of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. The mountains of western Sumatra and the central Malay Peninsula are represented by hachures: short lines/dashes that give a sense of the shape and steepness of terrain.

Algemeene Kaart van Nederlandsch Oostindie


location_onEast Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

This detailed map of the Dutch East Indies in the mid-19th century is spread over eight sheets, plus a cover sheet showing the whole area. There are numerous inset maps of islands, bays, cities etc.

Algemeene kaart van Nederlandsch Oostindie


location_onEast Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

This map of the Dutch East Indies is spread over eight sheets, with a hand-drawn cover sheet showing the whole area. There are numerous inset maps of islands, bays, cities etc. Two of the inset maps have a replacement map pasted over them.

Situatie-kaart van een gedeelte der stad Batavia benevens de bank voor de Groote rivier



Plan of the canals and rivers flowing through the city of Batavia (Jakarta), passing through the port before reaching the pier and the bay. The bay has a sand bank and figures for water depth. There are profile drawings of two of the city’s rivers.

Carte des environs de Batavia = Kaart van de buitenstreeken van Batavia



This late 18th century map of Batavia (Jakarta) focusses on the network of canals and rivers surrounding the city, as well as the many fields and plantations, including rice fields (‘Champ de Ris’) and sugarcane (‘Cannes de Sucre’).

Isles de Banda = Eylanden van Banda



Map of the Banda Islands—which was at this time the only source of nutmeg in the world—featuring mountains, plantations, settlements and a military fort. On the island of Goenong Api (Banda Api) a volcano erupts (‘api’ means ‘fire’ in Indonesian).

Nieuwe afteekeningh van de Noord Küst van Java vertoonende de reede van Batavia en Bantem



A map of the northern coast of Java and the important port cities of Batavia (Jakarta) and Bantem (Banten). The web of lines is a rhumbline network, and shoals, reefs and bathymetry (sea depth) are marked, all to aid navigation.