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Neu-Guinea und benachbarte Inseln


location_onPapua New Guinea, Indonesia

From August Petermann's ‘Geographische Mittheilungen’, this map of New Guinea and neighbouring islands is marked with a maritime route from the western tip of New Guinea that is labelled ‘from Batavia to Hong Kong in 35 days’ and dated 1846.

Neueste Karte von Hinter Indien


location_onCambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

The borders on this mid-19th century map of mainland Southeast Asia are colour-coded to show kingdoms, countries and colonial territories. Twelve different scales are shown, as different countries used different measurement systems.

Skizzirte charte von der insel Celebes



This early 19th century map of Celebes (Sulawesi) is labelled with the names of local tribes (‘stamm’), including a rich tribe (‘reicher stamm’). The locations of two gold mines are marked, along with major settlements.



location_onBrunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Vietnam

An early 19th century map of Asia by the English cartographer John Cary (c.1754–1835) with colour-coded regions.

Grundris der stadt und citadelle Batavia



A plan of the port of Batavia with a detailed legend identifying parts of the city. The sword and laurel wreath of the city’s coat of arms, and the Dutch East India Company flag (marked ‘VOC’ or ‘Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie’) are also shown.

Karte von dem eylande Sumatra nach den tagebüchern der schiffer


location_onMalaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

The title of this mid-18th century map of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula claims that it was based on the diaries of sailors. Interestingly, the title is repeated in both German and French, as are the names of some of the locations marked on the map.

Das eyland Baly oder klein Java



Amongst the mountains and jungles of mid-18th century Bali, this map shows three royal palaces, walled encampments, towns, and seven Buddhist temples (or ‘stupa’) on the east coast. Inset illustrations depict a palace and a temple in detail.

Der Hollaendisch-Ostindianischen Compagnie weltberühmte Haupt-Handels und Niederlags: Stadt Batavia



The legend and written notes on this plan of Batavia (Jakarta) provide much detailed information about the important port city in the early 18th century. It is also beautifully decorated with paintings of the city, local people, animals and ships.

Particular-see-charte der Strass Sunda, nebst denen darinnen befindlichen insulen und sandbäncken



A navigation map of part of the north coast of Java, featuring the ports of Batavia (Jakarta) and Bantam (Serang). Includes colourful paintings of a ‘menschen fressers [cannibal]’ island, Javanese people and palm trees (dates, banana, coconut).

Insularum Moluccarum nova descriptio



A mid-17th century map by the Dutch cartographer Jan Jansson, depicting a small chain of six islands off the west coast of Gilolo (modern Halmahera, in the Indonesian Maluku Islands). German text on the reverse describes the Maluku Islands.

Ins: Macjan, Ins: Bactjan



These pages are probably from ‘Newe Welt und Americanische Historien’ by Johann Gottfried. There are maps of Pulau Makian (‘Ins. Macjan’) and Pulau Bacan (Ins. Bacjan) in the Maluku Islands, and a plan of a fort on Makian.




From Ludwig Johann Gottfried’s ‘Newe welt und Americanishe historien’, a drawing of warships—probably Dutch and Portuguese—fighting in the harbour of the volcanic island of Solor (Lesser Sunda Islands). German text describes the region.


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