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Schetskaart van West-Seran (Vulgo Ceram) / Schetskaart van Oost- en Midden Seran



Map of the island of Seram in the Maluku Islands, originally produced as two separate maps. Red lines show lines of communication of local people (referred to as ‘Alfoer’), with their tribe’s name. Muslim, Christian and Alfoer settlements are marked.

Schetskaart der afdeeling Westkust van Atjeh



From a Dutch geographical society journal, this map of the west coast of Atjeh (Aceh), Sumatra, shows shoals, reefs, bathymetry (sea depth) and anchor points. On land, there are mountains (with heights), rivers, pepper plantations and rice fields.

Schetskaart van het stroomgebied der beneden-Ketaun



This map of the lower basin of the Ketaun River features a number of rivers flowing to the sea at the southwest coast of Sumatra. Between the rivers are large areas of forest (‘Zwaar woud’), mountains, villages, roads, hot springs and fields.

Handelskaartje van den Nederlandsch Indischen archipel


location_onIndonesia, East Timor

This map is concerned with trade in the Dutch East Indies, highlighting useful resources such as maritime routes, railways, telegraph lines and offices, coast and harbour lights, offices of officials, areas that apply tolls and duties etc.

Midden-Sumatra: Reizen en onderzoekingen der Sumatra-expeditie... 1877-1879



An Atlas produced by an expedition in central Sumatra, including: maps of topography, geology, a number of rivers in the region; drawings of mountains, graphs of lengths of roads; family trees of the royal families of Djambi (Jambi) and Palembang.


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